TEG300 Course teaser

Introduction to Fintech


La collaboration Banque-Fintech

Excerpt from the Online couse “Introduction to Fintech”



A video case study about Using artificial intelligence to personalize learning paths.

French [excerpt]

Patates Dolbec

A case study about using artificial intelligence to sort potatoes via computerized vision system.


L'apprentissage et l'IA

Sample video used in a AI course.


FinteQC 2021

Teaser of the third edition of the FinteQC conference.


On fintech

In this interview, Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis, from the Swinburne Business School, Swinburne University of Technology discusses the foundations, the opportunities and the challenges of Fintech


On open banking

In this interview, Dr. Markos Zachariadis, Associate Professor of Information Systems & Management, Warwick Business School (UK), and FinTech Research Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI), University of Cambridge, discusses Open Banking foundations and impact.


On Quantum computing

What is “Quantum Computing”? For Financial Institutions, is it an opportunity, a threat or a double-edged sword? Check this interview, with Prof, Atefeh Mashatan with whom I had the privilege to discuss these questions.


On the Future of Education

Patrick Giroux, professor of Edtech discusses (UQAC) discusses the futur of education


On blockchain

In this interview, Dr. Sean Stein Smith, from Lehman College, CUNY, discusses the foundations, the opportunities and the challenges pertaining to Blockchain and Artificial intelligence, as well as their impact on accounting.


On digital transformation

François Dion, CEO of Levio, discusses the challenges and the opportunities of digital transformation

On Fintech in UK

An interview with Tanya Andreasyan. Editor-in-Chief at FinTech Futures. Tanya discusses Fintech’s key success factors in Great Britain.


On Regulation and Fintech

Mr Oumar Diallo, Fintech and Innovation Director at the AMF discusses canadian regulation and Fintech